Maximize contract quality - eliminate costly "Defined Terms" mistakes

CrossCheck cuts your contract quality review time by 90% with automated checking of defined terms, table of contents, outline and cross-references. CrossCheck is a Microsoft Office add-in that finds contract drafting errors, from simple to complex, with a lightning-fast, automated contract quality check – without ever leaving Word.

It’s Fast and Easy - for the first time, quality checking is “no big deal.” Simply open your draft or Google Doc in MS Word, click on the CrossCheck add-in in the MS Word toolbar, and click Analyze. Within seconds, your analysis is complete and displayed in a Summary view.

It Guides The Process – to resolve issues. CrossCheck gives you a step-by-step workflow to guide you through each category, issue-by-issue, making it easy to find and fix the problems.

It Gives You Peace of Mind - Like “grammar check” for contracts, CrossCheck catches the Defined Terms gotchas – undefined, unused, and defined twice – before you send out your draft. Every cross-reference is verified to refer to the correct section, and any gaps, duplicates, or mis-ordering in the outline are flagged.

Invite for beta testers

英雄联盟竞猜下载全球Standards is inviting a select group to trial the Word Add-in tool. Beta testers have free use of the tool for the period July through August 2021. Thereafter beta testers will enjoy a 25% discount from the regular subscription price of $45 per month

Benefits of Word Add-in CrossCheck

  • Save time, money and risk by eliminating manual, painstaking, error-prone contract cross-checking
  • Protect your brand with unprecedented attention to detail in definitions and references
  • CrossCheck, repair, repeat – for efficiency and quality in every contract revision
  • Easily read complex documents with guided, hyperlinked navigation of defined terms and cross-references while staying in MS Word
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