Assemble contracts in seconds

英雄联盟竞猜下载全球Standards new MS Word Add-in Builder tool is linked to a public library of contracts and clauses used by millions of people around the world. Builder can also be linked to private libraries.

Select your playbook from 英雄联盟竞猜下载全球Standards’ public library (containing over 70 playbooks and 2,500 clauses) or choose a playbook from your private library, if you have access. You can build a new contract in seconds and then customize the agreement to your needs. Configure your agreement with built in term sheets to insert contract terms and customize the clause language by selecting alternate clauses available from the outline.

Once built, you have access to all the familiar Word features that you require to draft and negotiate your contracts. You can even share customized templates with your colleagues simply by making clause selections, choosing alternative language, and saving the document. All the links to the library will be preserved further saving your colleagues time.

Invite for beta testers

英雄联盟竞猜下载全球Standards is inviting a select group to trial the Word Add-in tool. Beta testers have free use of the tool for the period July through August 2021. Thereafter beta testers will enjoy a 25% discount from the regular subscription price of $45 per month

Benefits of Word Add-in Builder

  • Easy to use - built on a familiar platform; no training
  • Extensible - ability to use all native Word features
  • Centralized - single repository to manage playbooks
  • Version control - update templates and maintain strict version control
  • Expandable - create and share customized templates
  • Global - alternative language versions are easy to create
  • Secure - all contract resources maintained inside your firewall
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